Bro Gerald

Son’s Healing
My 11 year old son started feeling ill this past Monday in the early morning hours. His condition had declined by the time I arrived home from work that afternoon. We prayed and agreed. He was so sick by the time I was about to leave out for the Healing service that I had to carry him to the car on the way to Urgent Care. He laid in the back seat while I checked him in. I opened Youtube for the Healing Service to play in the car when I came back out. Pastor was praying and teaching, at the same time I was praying and agreeing. So awhile later the Doctor calls and says that we’ll have to do a Tele Visit over the phone because my son has Covid symptoms and can’t enter the facility. So while I’m going back and forth with the Doctor and Office Manager, my son sits up and says “Daddy I feel a lot better” and that he didn’t need to see the Doctor anymore. So we claim it. We left with him feeling fine, he even wanted McDonald’s. We were playing basketball on Tuesday and he was at school on Wednesday. Pastor’s prayers and our belief healed my son. See in Dec 2019, my son had the same exact symptoms. We went to the same Urgent Care but they saw him because it was before Covid was official to us. His blood oxygen was so low that he had to be rushed to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, no other hospital would do. They faxed paperwork to Brenner’s as we were enroute. There he received an I V and meds but was still sick for another weak. Same child, same sickness, same Doctors, different outcome! The Holy Spirit told me afterwards “he didn’t see the Doctor because the Doctor would’ve received some of the credit”. Not having a $3K hospital bill this time is nice, but hearing my son say that he knows God healed him is priceless. Thank you Jesus!