Charisma M.

Thank you to Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick and Abundant Life Ministries! I have been attending Abundant Life Ministries for 3+ years believing in God for a supernatural change in my life. I have developed tremendously since I've started coming to this church. God has done wonders in my life and accelerated me past anything that I could have imagined for myself and given me the skills to be successful when doors open for me. I have been praying for tangible things; A new career, switching jobs, purchasing a new car, favor in my endeavors but what I received was so much more. I was toiling in my own strength trying to achieve something. I was broken when I started coming to Abundant Life in 2013. I felt inadequate like I wasn't good enough and something was wrong with me. I was struggling in my personal life in all areas imaginable. One day, during Sunday service, Pastor Kirkpatrick kept repeating "you are the apple of God's eyes" That reached my spirit and changed my life. No matter what anyone else thinks of me I know that God loves me and that allowed me to love myself and see myself the way God sees me. I keep these sayings at the top of my mind. "You are the head and not the tail", "You are a King's child". These things changed my perspective on myself and the world around me which we know has the power to change your life. God revealed to me how the spirit of mammon was working in my life, which is something we talk about often at Abundant life (It took 3 years but I get it now! Lol) I was believing in God for material things and focusing so much on that aspect that I continued to fall into financial oppression because I was chasing money & "stuff". The biggest piece I was missing was how broken my spirit was and money nor material things couldn't fix that. I continue to come to Abundant Life because I believe in the teachings and my spirit identifies with the words being spoken as truth. God reveals to me things during the week and confirms them on Sunday's.