November 2017
I was told a few weeks ago that I was overpaid. I was told by payroll at my job that I have to pay the money back regardless of the fact that it wasn’t my mistake but payroll and my manager’s fault. They wanted the money back in 3 months which was impossible so they were able to extend the time from 3 months to 8 months which for me was still impossible. I’ve been struggling financially for sometime now but haven’t complained. Bills were paid, tithes paid, food and clothes on my son and my back, so we are fine. I took out a loan for the amount I owed a few weeks later. A week from that a coworker who I talk to about the situation came to me and said she was writing me a check for the amount and I didn’t need a loan! I’m so grateful for her and the pastor of Abundant Life because he has DEFINITELY kept my mind from going back to into depression which is what usually happens. I’m blessed! Thank you Pastor! I also gave the $90 seed and prayed and had faith! I know my God has my back!