K. Hardy

Good afternoon, I am a firm believer that if you don't have a testimony.....then you're still going through the test. Approximately a yr ago, Pastor Kirkpatrick prayed for the removal of an "incurable " disease. I lived with that disease for 5 years, but i always told my family, it WILL go away somehow. I went to the Doctor for a yearly exam and took another test to see if I still had the virus. Glory to God, the nurse called me and said that all of my tests came back negative. I asked about the results of the disease and she said, let me double check because that is strange. After checking three times to make sure i was the correct patient, etc, she said that the results were correct. Then she proceeded to say that its weird that i tested positive for sooo long and now i'm negative. I told her "ma'am, that means that GOD HEALED ME" and i was thanking and praising the LORD in my end of the phone. Her response was "sometimes things like that happen". Later, so excited, i told my family and my mother told me "Well, you should get tested again just to make sure". In my opinion, i don't need to get tested again because i know that God helped me and healed me. I'm so thankful for the pastor's prayers, encouragement and for believing himself, that could would heal me. I am more than thankful, when i think about the goodness of the Lord, i cant help but cry tears of joy! -Kiwanna