One of my friends was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis over 10 years ago. She has recently been in more severe and progressive pain. I stood in for her for prayer one Wednesday night. Pastor Kirkpatrick prayed for her during service and as he was praying with me for her, the Lord gave Him a word of knowledge. God said that he would remove the pain and do a supernatural miracle in her finances, to even cover the $1,000 she needed to have the surgery. The Holy Spirit led Pastor Kirkpatrick to pray over a handkerchief in his pocket and he told me to take it to her. I gave her the handkerchief after service with the instructions given. The next day she was out of pain, walking around, cooking, and in good spirits. She also informed me that one of our coworkers blessed her with the $1,000 to have the surgery. Through the power of prayer and obedience, God did this supernatural miracle. She went from being in crippling pain and unable to move, to cooking and playing with her new grandsons in less than 24 hours. You can’t tell me that God isn’t real. This helped prove to many that saw her condition that God is alive and still in the miracle working business.