Renee Ward

I got the job!
Good morning and All praises to God, About 2 weeks ago, Pastor asked for prayer request during the 8pm prayer call. I told pastor I was going to a job interview the following day. The interview went well but I honestly didn’t want to get too excited because I have been on several interviews in the past 6 months that I thought went equally as well and I didn’t get the job(s). A few days passed and I received a call to come in for a second interview; fast forward, yesterday (7/6/20), I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION!!! Glory to God While this testimony may sound very generic, it’s anything but that! I grew so much in the process! What looked like failure, was actually FAVOR!! What looked like rejection was “redirection” Glory to God. Thank you Pastor for being such a man of standard and obedience.