Shamyah Tatum

Our Youth are Blessed!
On March 20th, 2022, I received a prophetic word from Pastor Kirkpatrick. He told me that God was about to to restore everything that I have lost, and also that someone in my family was sick. He then gave me his handkerchief to give to my family member that is sick and told me to place it on there body, pray for them, then tell them to sleep with the handkerchief under their pillow. On the night of April 11th, 2022 my mother facetimed me to show me my brother’s mouth. His mouth was FULL of blisters and coldsores. It looked atrocious. He could not eat regularly because of the amount of pain he was in. My brother, who has special needs, has a high pain tolerance. It was hurting him so bad that he came to my mom in an uproar. The next day, my mom tried to make him an appointment at his regular doctor, but they were fully booked for the day. I was on my way to take him to an urgent care when I received another phone call from my mother. An appointment had become available for my brother because someone cancelled. When we got there, they didn’t know exactly what it was but gave him some medicine to rinse his mouth with 4 times a day. They told us to call back Thursday morning with an update. Wednesday we couldn’t see much of a difference, but we continued to pray and give my brother the medicine. Thursday morning they prescribed my brother with a viral medication for him to take for 7 days. Thursday morning I sat on my mothers couch and instantly I heard God say, “the handkerchief”. I kept it in my purse to ensure that when I knew which family member it was I would be able to give it to them immediately. Prior to all of this, I prayed thoroughly to God asking Him to reveal which family member it was. He answered my prayers! I instantly got up, got the handkerchief, laid it on my brother’s chest, explained what I was doing and why I was doing it, prayed for him, then explained why he had to make sure he kept it under his pillow. The NEXT DAY, his mouth had healed DRASTICALLY! By Saturday April 16th, 2022, his mouth was COMPLETELY healed. To God be the Glory!!! Today, April 18th, 2022, I was offered a Full Time job position with the Athletics department at North Carolina A&T! I have been part-time with them ever since I graduated in 2020. The part time position was allowing me to do what I went to school to do, while also working a full time job to ensure my bills were paid. Now, God has made a way for me to continue to work in my career field and grow, while also making more than enough money to pay my bills! He has truly restored EVERYTHING I have lost. God is soooo good! I praised God yesterday at church and rededicated my life to Him!