Word of Healing Worship Experience- 8am EST EXPRESS Service

Word of Healing Worship Experience- 8am EST EXPRESS Service

At Church & Online

time 8:00 am

Every Sunday from

April 7, 2024

Worship with us back at church for our Word of Healing 8am EST  Express worship service! We also have a 10am EST service right after.

Every 3rd Sunday is Dress Down Sunday however at ALCI we encourage you to always come as you are!

We Welcome all guests and new members of Abundant Life Church International! Share the streams with your loved ones and Facebook friends!

You can also still WATCH live services with Pastor Kirkpatrick from anywhere around the world!
To watch past or current services , click on the MEDIA tab and then LIVE STREAM page. You can watch online, watch on our Facebook and Youtube pages.
Here is the link, click here to see options http://edwardkirkpatrick.org/livestream/


As we proclaim Jesus, the Christ,
as the Son of God and head of the Church,
it is our goal to teach biblical principles
in a simplistic manner in order
that we may apply them to our everyday life
enabling our life to be a reflection
of God’s abundant provision.