Alexus Fuller

Seed Testimony
The day before pastor preached the first sermon for the seed and sowing series Holy Spirit told me to sow to him a seed of a specific amount. I've never heard the topic of sowing taught in such depth. A couple weeks later I sowed another seed to someone else. The week of thanksgiving great things happened! I received a cash app and two unexpected checks of amounts larger than what I sowed. Then my birthday was that following Sunday. I was getting ready and it was like 6 something in the morning and my phone starts ringing and it's Sis. Delilisha. She said she was at Starbucks and I came to mind and she asked what I wanted from there. God knowssss how I love my strawberries and cream frappucino! I forgot to mention I wanted very very light ice and extra whip but when I got to church and got it, whoever made it made it to perfection! I also received a birthday cashapp from someone, as well! And I haven't always had the best money management skills. So I've been praying before I came to this church and still prayed for help with my finances when I got here. And Sis. Delilisha done started her finance classes! And again it's another topic I've never heard taught like this in such depth. Things are different and better when you bring God and His Holy Spirit into them! So, I'm glad to be a member of ALCI! God has given me grace, favor, and purpose and I am ready to experience all that is to come! My faith move will result in a fruitful manifestation!