Deana Daniels

Promotion and Financial Breakthrough
God really moved in my business and in my finances since I've joined and connected myself to this ministry. I have my own business in financial services and God has been growing it for the past few months. In order to receive my last promotion there was a government test I needed to take and pass (3 tests). I had reached out to Pastor Kirkpatrick to keep me in his prayers concerning the test. He prayed and then spoke a word, he said I see God performing a total miracle for you! He said it will happen in February. I received it and moved on with my daily activities. What happens next? A few weeks later in the month of February, my company made an exception and promoted me to RVP without taking those tests!!! I'm telling you, that was God and being connected and receiving that prophesy from Pastor Kirkpatrick. I've always paid my tithes and sown seeds, do you know today my tithes is what my total income used to be!! My husband has been able to retire from his job and do his mechanic business full time as well. I just give all the glory to God and this awesome, awesome, awesome ministry!!!