Isis DeLoatch

Glory to God she is CANCER FREE! Trust and be obedient to God!
I’ve been giving consistently for about a little over a month now with tithes and offerings. In particular last week God told me a specific number to give. That recent week I really battled because my physical mind was telling me that I don’t have the funds, but I chose to listen to God when he’s speaking to me and be obedient with super natural faith. Well, recently my grandmother had a cancer scare where they wanted her to get tested a second time, because there was concerns of possible aggressive breast cancer. Now usually I become extremely anxious with my grandmother’s health because she had cancer once before and she is now at an older age. But instead I trusted in God and continued to breath life in her through prayer and cheerful giving. Im happy to say this Sunday morning that the results came in and she is CANCER FREE!!! Praise God! I know God told me to sow for that reason. And I will trust him forever and always. Thank you Pastor and the church for always empowering and encouraging me each and every Sunday! Your love for your members and God is everlasting. I am so blessed that my commitment to God is blessing the people I love too.