LaBrenda S.

Stepping out on Faith
You prophesized around the last week in July I believe that some people were going to get new keys. My boyfriend at the time and I were looking to purchase a home together. However, God had other plans for me. So, I didn’t get the keys to a new house that I had wanted but what I did receive was the keys to a new apartment with just me and my children. I am no stranger to prayer but sometimes we get comfortable and think that we only need it when things are going good. Soo not true once I connected with Abundant Life and under the covering of you and your teachings, things around me started to change. I haven’t been part of a church for many years now because I didn’t think I needed it. I had lost all trust in Pastors many many years ago. You see my father is a pastor at a church back home in Virginia. My father was a pastor and married to another woman when I was conceived by my mother. My father raised 3 children that lived with him and his wife. My father had no contact with me or any involvement in my life. It wasn’t until my early thirties that I had a conversation with him over the phone. Of course, he apologized for not being in my life and of course at the time I said I forgave him (but really at that time I didn’t) I haven’t spoken to him since that conversation some years ago but I have now forgiven him because if I didn’t he would continue to have control over me. It was no accident that God placed Crystal into my life to invite me to church with her. She didn’t know the issues I was struggling with, or the reason why I didn’t belong to any church. Honestly, I wasn’t going to go to Bible Study that first night that I came. But God wasn’t going to let me stay comfortable. My prayer life was strong because I knew the power God gives and all the times He’s opened doors and created new doors for my life. I had to go through everything I went through to get to this point. I started to pray and ask God what is it. Why does it feel like I’m stuck and can’t go any farther? I’m treating people right, I’m praying, I’m reading the Word…. God what is it? …and like the Great Father He is to me He said, who is covering you? Who is pouring the Word into you? You can’t keep giving power to those who have hurt you. No one is perfect but if you trust in me I won’t lead you astray. So, I got out of my car that one Wednesday night and I have continuously been obedient to Him. You prayed for me that first night I came and you prayed for my wisdom, clarity, and direction in a matter. You said that everything was going to work out and that even though my life seemed like a jigsaw puzzle and so many things where out of place but God was telling me that he was putting the pieces back together. That is exactly what has been happening. God is restoring my peace. He opened my eyes to a relationship that I should not have been in the first place. I started back reading my word more and I love the fact that you give out the scriptures for us to go back and study on our own. I also began tithing again and things started opening for me. I stepped out on Faith big time. My boyfriend and I decided to separate, meaning that we each had to find a new place. Like most people, I live paycheck to paycheck (but that’s going to change soon too) so the devil tried to creep in and say how are you going to make it without him. If you move, you have to pay a security deposit, you have to pay first month’s rent, you have to do this and that... But you had started teaching on Restoration and so on August 15th I gave the landlord our notice to be out of our house by October 15th. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t know how I would get the extra money to move or anything. I just knew that I would have my keys by the 60 days. Can I just tell you I was cutting it close but I never gave up my faith. I prayed, I fasted and I let go of all worry. I am so use to being in control of everything but one thing God taught me during the part of my journey was that He has total control and that He can do all things. Pastor let me tell you, I only went to look at one apartment during this time and I knew that this was where I wanted to be. However, they stated they would not have any units available until November. I didn’t claim that. God and I had another heart to heart and I was like Lord I have given my notice time is dwindling down and I don’t have a place yet. God said trust in me. I get to the last week in September and still no place. I had been looking online at some other places but none set well with me. In Sunday service I think it was on the 24th you asked for an offering of $90.00 and now I had been saving what I could since I had put my notice in but I listened to God and I gave a $100.00 on that Sunday and I am so glad I was obedient! On the 27th of September the manager at the apartment complex that I wanted to be at sent me an email saying they had a unit that would be available on October 5th if I wanted it. Of course, I said yes! I had already filled out the application when I initially looked at the apartment so she had already done whatever necessary checks that were needed. My deposit was only $250.00 which was their minimum and the rent was prorated for the month of October. Not only that, this is my oldest son’s first year attending Norfolk State University. He had started in August and we didn’t think that he would get a refund back because of the out of state tuition, however on September 29th we received a refund back from his school. This was awesome because I didn’t have to go through the argument of who was going to get what from the old house and who bought what. It was difficult but God said let it all go. Stepping out again on faith I did and it was the best thing I could have ever done. My move has been smooth although I have had to miss a few services because of getting everything moved and the kids settled but I have peace again. I have left out a lot of things that happened during my move with my ex I could have and should have been bitter but my growth and my favor with God was not something I was going to risk to get a few moments of payback. Especially with my friends and family in my ear telling me what I should have done and they would have never done this or that. I am so glad I listened to God and not them. God showed me on the last day that He can handle my problems way better than I could ever. My ex thought he was being spiteful by wanting to take everything and in the end, he was the one without a place to go. He had moved his things into a place but something didn’t fall through and has had to make arrangements to move his stuff again and find another place. I don’t have to have material things to make me happy. It’s having peace that allows me to sustain. I apologize for the length of this but one thing I am is a quiet person and I keep my personal life to myself but in this season of learning to be obedient to God I had to share. Thank you for teachings and your covering. I am so blessed to have you and first lady and the Abundant Life International church family in my life!