Ms. Indiya Davis Bell

I have a new home! I believe in Tithing and sowing
1st given honor to God who is ahead of my life! I give All the praise ...and Glory to God. Pastor Kirkpatrick as a member of ALCI, I would like to say thank u for the great teachings that comes from Abundant Life Ministries. I want to say that four months ago I was told we had to move out our home...and that I had two months to find another place to live. Last month u said someone was going to be moving into a new place and will be praising God by the time in February or March. Well Pastor we are in our new place and it is so beautiful. Pastor I'm crying right now because u said it ...and God did it! It was so much going on about me losing this and losing that...and I can remember u saying no matter what it looks like or what we we're going through I continue to pay my tithes and continue to sow. The landlord told me that we had to move or continue paying rent for four along with the late charge fees. Well I had to come up with $2,750 back paid rent plus an additional $655.00 for a deposit for the new place ...and Pastor as a single mom I didn't have the money not knowing if I would be able to put a roof over myself and my daughter. Nobody but God! Money came from unexpected sources that allowed pay ups on the back paid rent, KUB of $849.39 and the deposit down on our new appartment. Every time I turned around the enemy was making stumbling blocks...but I kept GREAT FAITH in God because God said pray and ask! I did and I received everything I ask for even the van was broke down He fixed it ... and I had never been taught about tithing and wouldn't never happened had I never been taught! This is why I love u my Pastor Kirkpatrick, Lady Kim and ALCI family so much! ❤ 💗 💕 please continue to us in your prayers for me and family...and I ll continue to pray for ALCI family as well for us all!