Noelle Smith

His Word is confirmed !
I shared this on Facebook but wanted to share it personally with my church family. I have been hearing this in my spirit for a few days now. It’s a gentle pull from the Lord to move in a certain direction. To shut myself off from Facebook as well as the typical everyday life distractions and woes. God is so faithful and confirms His intentions on every end. His word says that He knows the thoughts that He has toward me(Jerm 29:11) and He wants me to know them too, for this, I need More of His presence. The Word also says that He will comfort me and increase my greatness on every side(Ps.71:21).for me this means once I forfeit all the things I deem important in my life and cause them to gravitate around only Him, He will make may way plain and He will fight all of those impossible battles I keep contending with daily. It’s time to chase after Him like never before, turning plates down for more than a day, setting aside my “tight routine” and put Him in the forefront of my days, my hours and my minutes. Stop asking where is the balance and how can I possibly fit Him in my day... and start making my day fit around Him. His Word is confirmed and I am inspired by the word teachings of my pastor Edward Kirkpatrick on tonight. I don’t know about you.. but I’m heading WEST!!