Noelle Smith

God is a Healer! He healed my mom!
So on last Sunday, April 12, my mom, the kids and I were watching Sunday morning service with Pastor. After Pastor finished preaching he proceeded to pray. One of the things he called out was leg pain and arthritis. Well my mom was having a flair up with the gout in her foot and always has pretty bad arthritis. She had been visiting for the week of Spring break and had been having pain, her foot(with the gout) had been swollen and barely being able to walk to entire week. Right after Pastor prayed, while we were praying along and believing for what he was praying for, she got up to walk and said, “look Noelle, you see how good I’m walking?, it’s not hurting either!” I said ok!!! Glory be to God!! Then the very next morning she got up and said,” look!, it’s not swollen anymore!” The swelling was literally gone. We couldn’t help but praise and worship God , giving Him Glory for what had been clear and apparent to see. I’ve see these attacks on her body for many years and she has to go to the doctor every time to get something to make the swelling go down and for the pain. It never just goes away with a visit to the doctor. To God be ALL the honor and Glory!! He has been working with her in the area of trusting Him and learning that we don’t have to take ownership of any sickness or infirmaries that the enemy tries to attack us with and keep us in bondage to. That day I believe was a break through so I thank God for healing and I just wanna thank Pastor for hearing from God to even call it out specifically and for being a vessel for God to demonstrate His healing power through!!