November 2017
The very next day I testified at mid week service on 11-8-2017 about my healing and house. I called my work human resource center for our annual enrollment for insurance options. I spoke to a representative that began to help me with my yearly insurance deductions. She began to ask me if I would like to select the options I had in previous years I told her yes. She began to go over each option then she said I had the critical illness option. Would you still want to keep this option, I stated yes and then asked her exactly what that option covered. She said this that and the other then cancer. Pastor, she told me I had been paying for this policy coverage and I did not even know that it covered Cancer. I am about to receive a check for several thousand dollars! Praise God! If the Holy Spirit had not prompted me to ask that question (what does it cover). Praise God! The church will receive a special offering and I will be able to make all my repairs to my new house as I bought my house as a foreclosure as is! Thank you.