Rene Littlejohn

God is truly turning things around - Restoration
God is truly turning things around. I'm witnessing total restoration in my life. Today, I accepted an employment offer from First Citizen's Bank as their new Mortgage Market Specialist. In short, its a long title for an diversity loan officer. The Division Executives did not understand why they offered me a sign on bonus and an Assistant Vice President bank officer title...despite my low production numbers. Here's the true testimony. My blessing was tied directly to to one of your members obedience. Because this sister was obedient in the spirit and sown her tithes. Her obedience connected me in the spirit to fellowship and worship with Abundant Life Ministries. It's been over 2 years that I've been in the house of the Lord In the presence of his spirit. Also, I will assist 100 or more famlies into homes in my first year at First Citizens Bank! While educating our community on home ownership !!! Amen! I give God the glory for this church without walls! I am thankful to enter into a world wide ministry that heala minds! Paula Daley is the member I'm speaking of. I am so thankful for her and Mr. Daley.