Shaneika Herbin

God blessed me with a Home & A New Start
I just wanted to give you a testimony. I have visited the church a couple of times myself and my family. I came News Years night and received everything you spoke and I also came that Sunday after that. You ask if anyone needed a new [home] address. I immediately got up for prayer. You spoke by April it will come to pass. Well I continued to believe God and stand on what you had spoken. My house came as of February 7. Everything fell right into place. But this was more than just needing to move. I had been involved in a bad relationship and so for 15 months I have been looking to leave. Everything always fell through and I had gotten discouraged and so when you spoke and prayed that day I took it and ran with it. So from the bottom of my heart and my children’s heart continue doing the work of the Lord.