Sharon Kay Lyles

2018 was a good year!
Pastor, I thank you so much for your wisdom & teachings. I have a testimony, yaaayyyy! I’ve been very obedient and consistent with my tithing these last few months. By the 3rd of January God blessed me to pay my tithe off my Medicare Commissions of $4900. God’s been telling me to bless this one & that one. Even in church (bible study), God said to give the lady behind me the $21 in my wallet and tell her to keep $20 & put $1 in the offering. She teared up when I gave it to her & told her what God said. After church she said thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. You’re welcome I said. Then she said that she only had one chicken left in the refrigerator until Monday when she gets her stamps. WOW! Then that very same night I That’s not all. I got a text about my Insurance commissions. Usually they’re very low for Dec because ppl fall off for non payment. For instance, November was $1900, October $2100, etc. however, my check this month INCREASED to $5398. Look at OUR GOD! Another $539 Tithe. Allowing me to tithe over $1000 for the month so far & the month wasn’t even 1/2 over. I was feeling very excited in bible study and had no idea I was going to receive all this financial blessings! God is so AWESOME!!! Thank you Lord. He blessed me this year to have tithe & offerings over $13000! Yes I’m blessed to be a blessing