Sis Alexus Fuller

Double favor, double blessings, double abundance
I was in need of a job and was really looking for something I'd really enjoy and fully use all my skills. I looked into to places not really feeling it so I prayed to God and told him my request. I told God I wanted to work with kids again and the place where I previously was wasn't hiring for the other program. One day I was out and and I had no idea where I was going and just asked God to lead me. So He led me to Jersey Mike's where I worked some time ago. Went in there and applied. I already knew how to do just about everything and they needed help and the owner happened to be there and said he was really thinking about me and calling me to see if I'd come back. I said ok Lord not kids but ok if this is what you'd have me to do. So while I was there I was still working on finding a job I could work with kids. Someone suggested I apply to be a substitute teacher. So I did. I called and spoke to someone once and said call back and when I did I didn't get a hold of anyone. I prayed. And told God how much I wanted it. But I wasn't getting any calls back. Weeks went by. I was trying to be patient as I waited. But was fervent in prayer. God showed me scriptures. And I'm like ok Lord I trust you. It's gonna happen Then one day Mother Walden told me that someone was needed out where Sis. Cynthia works. So I got in contact with her and she got me in contact with the lady. The lady told me it was for ACES. I was like ok Lord that's cool too. So the process to apply was a lot, criminal background check, health assessment, fingerprints, extra paperwork, etc but long story short God did it and we got through it. I didn't have a car and I thank God for favor because papers I needed to print I was able to print from a bank and mechanic shop! My manager from the sub shop gave me off when I needed, she let me leave early sometimes, or come in late, or have extended break time. She didn't have to do it. But I thank God for it all. I've been disciplined with my money, honoring God with my finances, and I had what I needed to pay for everything I needed to pay for. I recently got an unexpected check also. Long story short I needed transportation and my boss, who's recently became a believer after I witnessed and testified of the goodness of God to him, and his wife were kind to let me use one of theirs. But it needed work done and was in the shop. So I prayed for that. Romans 8:28 has been following me the longest and all things in my life have worked out. So I believed that for this moment. We don't have to stress about anything. I've been in situations that needed resolution immediately and worked out immediately so I tried to stay patient l, and expected a good turnout. Nothing is ever impossible with God. He always makes a way. And also because of the anointing I never have to struggle. God has provided me with everything I need. I've been prayerful, going to prayer, in the word, not getting stressed out. Everything I needed God has provided me with. Yesterday before prayer my boss called me and said it would be ready today. I went to prayer that night, I heard Honda. And today my boss bought his Honda unto me! I now have transportation. I have two jobs. And I didn't know the lady at all before I met her. I went in my first day and was already offered a promotion. She wants me to take over when she retires and I gave her my yes. I'll be hiring people, cutting checks, and creating the curriculum. I'm qualified by God. And He did it! And gave me everything I need. So I thank God that I got more than what I asked for! I love working with the kids I have. They are absolutely amazing! I thank God for my other job too. It's fun too and I thank God for provision and thank Him that He can use me both there and at the school. All glory to God!!!! September was the month of supernatural provision. October is the month of double favor, double blessings, double abundance, etc! And I receive in Jesus name!!!!!