Sis Britt Jackson

Living Testimony!
Hello ALCI!! Psm 91, Eph 2:8 These Bible verses are truly the living word in my life! I simply believe and God’s glory is manifested in my life. Protection, healing, abundance, too much to name. My family is blessed too!! Unexpected money to my businesses and divine health over viruses and sickness. It’s continuous!!! Nothing hit home more than May 31st. I was headed home and I watched a young man in a pickup running the stop sign as I approached having the right of way. Apostle had finished up on a series about Hearing from God and in that moment I heard a still small voice say “10 & 2”. I grabbed the steering wheel and after the near head-on impact I could not only feel the car flipping multiple times but I could feel this divine bubble surround me and as fast as everything was happening, I heard the still small voice again say, “you gon survive this”. And all glory to God I was at church the next day without anyone knowing the enemy tried to have its way with my life. I like to say, Jesus shed his blood so I wouldn’t have to!! Amen!!!