Abundant Life served over 100 kids and their families at their Annual Back2School Extravaganza!

GREENSBORO – Abundant Life Church International held their “Back 2 School Extravaganza” at their church located at 560 Farragut St., Saturday.

The extravaganza was home to games, food, live events, free haircuts, hairstyles, as well as arts and crafts.

The event originally intended for both outdoor and indoor use, was moved inside after heavy rainfall Saturday.

The church partnered with the “50for50” community men’s group to collect bookbags filled with school supplies for over 100 school kids this year. The bookbags were for various community organizations with low income and children with special needs. 

“I think the event has been spectacular, I am very-very proud of all of the volunteers, people who made contributions, donated their time, resources, food, in-spite of the rain, I think we had a really really good turnout, it has been good to see all of the young people excited,” Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick, Pastor of Abundant Life Church International said during the event.

He spoke on the overall goal for the extravaganza as well.

“I think the mission for us, was really just to be a support system for those who perhaps didn’t have the necessary resources to start that they need to start school, that’s why we wanted to give the bookbags out, and give the supplies away,” Pastor Kirkpatrick said in an interview.

“I’m just glad to see everything that’s happening today and all of the young people with smiles on their faces,” he added.

Pastor Kirkpatrick also mentioned how the idea for the event was a collaboration between several individuals within the church outreach ministry, and that many of the volunteer barbers and beauticians were local members of the community and also members of Abundant Life.

“I’m praying that all of the students will have a very productive school year, that God will keep them safe and that they will excel academically this year.”

By Terrence Jefferies

August 28th 2019

Thank you to Terrance for covering event, review full article here https://jefferiestv.wordpress.com/2019/08/28/abundant-life-church-holds-back-to-school-extravaganza/

Thank you to all of our Sponsors , donors and volunteers for donating their time, talents and treasures into the ministry for this community Outreach initiative!

See more photos from our Church Facebook page.

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