Bertie County family affected by the Hurricane is grateful for the help!

Last week North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Isaias and a tornado at the same time. We are Kingdom Distributors, we had to help out.

Great job Pastor & Lady Kirkpatrick and Abundant Life Church for immediately without hesitation stepping up to the plate to help Bertie County, NC after the hurricane/tornado.

Abundant Life Church International had food donated to our food pantry and with the recent Tornado disaster that happened in Bertie County, to answer the call to a member’s friend whose family home (pictured) was destroyed.

Keyarta Ryan and her children were directly affected by Hurricane Isaias and a tornado, she will receive the items and the family will update us with their additional needs as they recover and rebuild, so stay tuned to see how else you can help. #BertieStrong

Pictured are some of ALCIs Outreach Ministry members with Demontra Cooper receiving some of the items we had for his family to deliver this weekend.

The people of Bertie County we helped send their appreciation below.

DeMontra Cooper said:
“Born and Raised #BertieStrong Thanks again Abundant Life Church International – Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick for donating to my hometown…”

Bertie County government put out a video and said
“Our community is strong, as well as grateful for those who have come to our aid over the last week and a half. We’ve received visitors from near and far, and are so appreciative for the outpouring of love and support. If you want more information on how you can help those impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias and the Morning Road Tornado, visit our main Facebook page, or contact Sarah Tinkham, Public Information Officer, at [email protected]. “

Watch the Bertie County Gov video here on the Hurricane efforts

Also thank you to all of you who donated to the grassroots efforts by local Greensboro residents from Bertie County last on 6598 West Market Street on Saturday August 8th to fill the container with items like toiletries, household items, food, clothes, shoes, and furniture.

ALCI, continue to pray for them and help in whatever efforts you can as you see them come up as they restore. Your ALCI outreach ministry will update you on other ongoing efforts to support Bertie County, and if you know of any email us.

Abundant Life Church International
Kingdom Distributors Outreach Ministry
[email protected]

God bless.

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