College Ministry’s Interview & Resume Workshop

Abundant Life Church International conducted a very promising interview etiquette and resume formatting summit on May 18, 2019. The event was conducted and orchestrated by Allegra Seegars and Dorian Davis. 

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Dr. Dorian Davis shared her expertise in resume formatting and interview do’s and dont’s. The mission was to give all individuals (especially college students), a clear understanding of what it takes to grow professionally and socially. Here are a few specific things discussed during the summit: 
Resume Formatting: 

1) Resume’s help you get the interview.

 2) You can list your volunteer experience as a job on your resume. 

3) Defining a professional summary and how to implement a summary into your resume.

4) Word usage is key to resume formatting. 5) Using bullet points is necessary.

Interview etiquette: 
1) Recognizing how to dress for an interview.

2) How to Process and plan before the interview ( paying attention to body language, and researching the job). 

3) Discussing what questions should be asked after the interview. 

4) Understanding the importance of a mentor. 

5) Distinguishing acceptable clothing.

It was a pleasure to serve and educate out local scholars from North Carolina A&T University. 

Please plan to attend our next event: “Christian dating in College”. 
This event will be hosted in June. Time and schedule will be announced soon. Please continue to check your emails and govern yourself accordingly.   Interested in joining or partnering, email [email protected]

-Allegra Seegars

College Ministry Director

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