We are going to continue talking about developing confidence in the love of God. You are the object of God’s affection.  You are God’s beloved, the object of God’s affection. Good things happen to you when you believe that God loves you. I want to show you tonight that good things will happen in your life, good things will begin to take place for you when you believe that God loves you, when you develop confidence in God’s love for you. But I really believe that religion tries to get us, tries to convince us that God is behind the mayhem and all of the turbulence and all of the trials and all of the negative things that are happening in our life because, see, here is what the devil does, he uses religion to get you and me to doubt God’s love for us.

You know, the moment something happens negative, we lose a job or, you know, you go to the doctor and get a bad report or, you know, you go through a negative experience in a relationship or, you know, you lose a house or your car goes back or your child gets sick or someone in your family lies or, you know, something negative.  When something negative happens, the devil wants to get you and me to doubt the love of God.  He wants us to start doubting that God is really for us, that God is on our side, because he’ll say, Well, if God really loved you then He wouldn’t have allowed you to lose your house.  If God really cared about you, then why did He allow your child to die?  If God was really on your side, then why did He allow you to lose your home or lose your car or cause you to lose your job?  See, the enemy is always working with religion to try to get us to doubt the love of God.  When negative things happen.

Let me tell you something, God is not the reason for the negative things in our life.  God is not behind the sickness trying to teach you a lesson. God is not the one behind the negative things.  He’s not the one stealing, killing and destroying.

The Bible said that there’s somebody called Satan the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  See, you got to know and I have to know that God loves us, and that He loves us unconditionally, and that because He loves us He’s forgiven us of all of our sins, past present and future sin.  See, when you really get a revelation that your sins are forgiven, when you really get a revelation that God loves you, it will affect your confidence, it will affect your faith, it will affect your trust, it will affect the way you relate to God, it will affect how you relate to God.  You will no longer see God as your enemy. You will begin to see God as your solution.

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