Greensboro Tornado Relief Drop Off & Donate at ALCI

Pastor Kirkpatrick has released an urgent call to action to help support the relief efforts for those who were impacted by the recent tornado disaster in our area!

Starting immediately, we are collecting donations for those in need. As of now, the items needed can include:
Dry foods and snacks***huge need
Flash lights
Baby items

We will be providing ongoing updates via email, this Edward Kirkpatrick Ministries’ website and Facebook page once received from the designated recovery centers.

You may drop your donations off in the kitchen area each Wednesday, from 7:15 pm to 9pm and Sunday’s, from 7: 30am until 2pm.

UPDATE*****You can now donate online using our secure and easy Easy Tithe system directly to our church ‘Tornado Relief’. Simply click on the ‘Give Now’ tab on this website and then select ‘Tornado Relief’ as the designation! You can create an account or donate as a one-time guest.

Wait, but that’s not it, you can also donate during our church services Sunday the 22nd using the ALCI envelopes and write ‘Tornado Relief’ as the designation.


If you are a member of Abundant Life or a Partner of Edward Kirkpatrick Ministries who needs direct assistance, please email or see Kennette Burgess directly at [email protected] with your need.

Our love and prayers are with every family involved.

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