How to Receive The Miracle You Need

Ready to get into the Word of God?  If you have your Bibles, I want you to turn with me to the book of St. Mark, the 4th chapter. Today I want to speak to you from this subject matter:  How to receive the miracle that you need.

How many of you have ever found yourself in a place in life where you needed a miracle?  You needed God to intervene, you needed God to do something supernatural in your life.

Now, I realize that it is hard for people to relate to miracles.  Miracles seem out of reach for a lot of people, miracles seem unobtainable, and it is not so much I believe a matter of believing God is able to perform miracles as much as it is that oftentimes people feel that they do not have faith to reach God and to believe for a miracle in their own lives.  Most of the time we don’t question if God can; the question becomes, will God do it for me.

I know He can, He is God, He can do anything but fail, but will He do it for me?  You may not even have a clear understanding of what a miracle really is.  You may be wondering can I really expect God to reach out to me right where I am regardless of the mess I’ve made out of my life, because the truth of the matter is certain times we find ourselves in situations not because of Satan or some type of satanic attack, but sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of messy situations because of the decisions we’ve made.  How many know that there are times where we make a mess of things?  And in spite of your messes, understand that God by His grace will even cause your mistakes to prosper.

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