**NEW** Abundant Life Church Outreach Ministry Is Ready To Help!

Thank you to all members who helped with our Tornado Relief last quarter and Tornado FEMA information distribution this quarter and to all who have joined our new ministry and answered the call to serve! Email us, if you want to join or can help us in some way. Click here to see video from FOX 8 news featuring our ministry.

Quarterly Outreach Initiative:
Our goal is to do a targeted outreach campaign every quarter to help members as well as the community, by collecting the needed items they require at that time. Stay tuned to our church announcements, website and Facebook every quarter as we announce the next outreach campaign.

How you can help the Outreach Ministry?
To prepare, we are asking all church members who are business owners and managers to email us with your name and business , especially if you are in retail goods or social services industry.

We ask that you please do not drop off items to the church unless solicited for the monthly campaigns or unless you first confirm donation with a member of the Outreach ministry so we can prepare to collect or assess the need. However, for those who may have a large donation that can help the ministry, please contact us, as we may have a need for it at that time.
Also, we are looking for a good name for this new ministry, so please email us suggestions.

Can we help you?
As ALCI members or EKM Partners, we know life often get challenging and things may happen, so if you or your families are ever in need, please be sure to reach out to the Outreach Ministry.

How to contact us?
Members, you can see one of the ministry members, message us on the website or on one of our Facebook pages or email Sis. Kennette Burgess at [email protected].

Enjoy these and more photos from our Facebook page.

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