#TenMinutePresenceChallenge by Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick


Let’s pursue the GLORY together!

Join us for the #TenMinutePresenceChallenge by Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick

This week Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick has challenged us to spend 10 uninterrupted minutes each day, in God’s presence. That’s right pray, mediate, and read God’s word, for 10 minutes each day.

How it works?
All week Jan 18th to 24th we encourage you to copy this message and post either a picture of you and your Bible , or maybe a scripture verse screenshot, with the hashtag #TenMinutePresenceChallenge

If you accept this challenge, comment on Facebook and Instagram with the following:

My name is [Name] and I’ve accepted the #TenMinutePresencechallenge by Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick


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