Brittany Jackson

Financial Increase
Through reading the word more often, spending time with Holy Spirit, my lover, best friend, my all and the magnificent leadership of Edward Kirkpatrick, Lady Kim and financial guidance from The Wealthy Crown. I have recovered 3 times what I lost a few months ago by sowing into bad soil (virtual investments) and not being the supernatural steward over the blessings God gave to me. It felt so good to pay Tithe in the amount that normally what I make in 1 month Glory To God! My business thrives on God’s time, I don’t rush because I have fell in love with having the presence of my friend and comforter Holy Spirit. Through reading the living word of God, I am living the word of God. I am living the word and even when receiving prophecies I rely on Holy Spirit for daily moment by moment guidance. I love my life! I am so Grateful. Amen! I don’t worry about relationship anymore, family or friends, I know I have one friend I can ask about ALL and it’s been great to have the truth revealed to me for my benefit. Thank you for letting me share.