Erica Price

Physical Healing & Financial Favor
Great day Pastor Kirkpatrick, and my ALCI family! This moment has been long overdue, and I have just enough time before 2021 ends and 2022 begins to finally give testimony to events that have occurred in my life since becoming a member of the ALCI family. I became a member of Abundant Life in 2019, three years after relocating to Greensboro from Statesville. I had visited at least three other churches before visiting Abundant Life with my mother, who practically threatened me to attend a service with her. After a few visits, she mentioned to me that she had wanted to join Abundant Life, and I had talked her in to holding off and praying about it first. The following Sunday, I was at the altar, seeking prayer for spiritual guidance in finding a church home, and was persuaded to becoming a member myself, lol, praise God! Since then, I've experienced healing of certain illnesses (mental and physical); I've experienced favor on my job; the sowing of seeds financially (such as in Phase II and the Angel Tree, or to bless the first family) whenever I can has led to pay increases and unexpected monies that allowed me to pay off my car loan and some credit card debts; and the Lord God has covered myself, and my family during a time of social unrest, viral pandemics, and a struggling economy. I've also obtained the LLC for my Uniquely Gifted Boutique, which I'm so excited to see also grow into a successful ministry to educate, encourage, and inspire women to love themselves and to know the love of God. My spiritual walk has gotten a lot stronger as well. Pastor Kirkpatrick is a such powerful prophet and teacher, and his revelation knowledge that he pours out gives me a new, deeper perspective as to who I am in Christ, and what my purpose is in this life. I'm so much more stronger in my faith, and I have no problem sharing Pastor's messages with others wherever I may go because IT IS GOOD NEWS! After tonight's New Year's Eve service, I'm even more ready and excited to be a part of what's going to be a mighty move of God in 2022. I'm ready to make even greater PROGRESS spiritually, financially, socially, physically, and mentally! I'm decreeing and declaring total victory over anything the enemy tries to bring upon me to hinder my move upward and forward! I'm expecting great things for the house of ALCI, and so glad to be a part of it! Peace and blessings!!! Sister Erica Price