Sis Erica Price

My Favor Testimony
For the past few Sundays, Apostle Kirkpatrick has been speaking on the favor of God. He previously prophesied that persons would be applying for and given jobs that they normally wouldn't be qualified for, and this prophesy (along with sowing in faith) has led to my testimony. I have been working on my current job as an assistant office manager for almost six years now. I had inquired in the past about going in to actual sales with the company, because I've seen the income that the position brings. Each time I had asked the co-owner/sales manager about the possibility of changing positions, but he would always try to talk me out of it. A couple of months ago the owners decided to have a meeting with me to discuss the reason why I my morale had changed, and I simply expressed that I wasn't happy and that I didn't feel that I was getting paid for the amount of work, effort, and energy that I was investing in the company. They asked that I give them a few days to talk things over between the two of them and that they would re-visit with me after considering various options to help me become more appeased. In the meantime, I went ahead and applied for a sales consultant position with one of our competitors. Had my initial interview with the Regional Manager, who was highly impressed with my potential and "I can do" attitude, even though I had no previous sales experience. He was ready to offer me the position, until he spoke with the actual owner of the company, who was weighing in heavily on the fact that I didn't have the experience, not to mention that I didn't do well on their standard assessment test for the position. I was told that I needed to attend an in-person interview with both the RM and the owner of the company before getting an official job offer. This past Friday, I drove to Cary for that interview. At first, the owner wasn't too convinced about hiring me, but after I (as the RM suggested that I do) strongly expressed what my goals are, how much confidence I have in my abilities, and the overwhelming faith that I have in my God to do ALL things...let's just say that I had received an official job offer this past Monday. But, it didn't end there. When I returned to my current job Friday after the interview, the co-owner/sales manager called me into his office for a conversation. He said that he's noticed that my countenance had changed stating that I "seemed happier" and asked what had happened to bring it about. I told him that I was letting go and letting God handle my situations that I couldn't overcome in my own power, and that I couldn't continue going around looking like I wasn't trusting in Him to do just that. He went on to let me know that he and his brother (the other owner) decided to give me $1 raise, although after Sunday's message about double blessings I had sent a text message to them asking for at least $2, which he said they couldn't do being that I was already being paid more than what the average pay is for my current position. Not feeling really excited about the outcome, I proceeded to go ahead and let him know about the interview with the other company, and that I was waiting for an official job offer. He then decided that he would offer to not only allow me to keep my current position, along with the pay raise and the monthly sales bonus, but that he would also train me to be able to do sales on the side. This has increased the potential of me be able to now make a six figure yearly income! I thank God for the Word, and the prophet who delivers the Word that blesses me so that I can be a blessing.