Sis Patty Cone

New Car, thank you God!
From: Patty Cone To: "[email protected]" Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 07:14:18 PM EDT Subject: Car. During the time Apostle Kirkpatrick was not to attend the First Sunday and Apostle Marshall filled in, he had asked us to plant a seed for our Apostle Kirkpatrick. In doing so, I planted a see towards our Apostle elect. On this pass Saturday, I knew that a replenished transmission had began to fail on me. I had panicked and considered how I would make it to work. Therefore, I had gone through to get a rental car which cost me a considerably amount of money . I had panicked not knowing how I'd be able to afford it but considering that I had no other option, I had to do what is right. I had no sense of direction. On Tuesday, God told me to be still and let Him fight my battle. By planting a seed for my Pastor and Apostle the miracle turned around. On Tuesday, not only was I able to get a car with no money down but my payments aren't too expensive. As of this Friday, my car will be brought to me. God provided me to pay my insurance off for the year. Yes, He does make a way for the lost. I'm so, so very grateful for how He watches over me. To God be the Glory. Apostle Kirkpatrick your Word is truth. You've guided me through some many trials and tribulations. Yet, you are a devine inspiration in my life. You're truly a man of divine inspiration. God bless you. I love you and Lady Kim. In Exodus 14:13-14 : The Lord God will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.