Thank you! Inaugural Women’s Conference a Success!

Daughters of The King (DOTK) Women’s Ministry kicked off our Inaugural Women’s Conference on April 26th-27th. We had two powerhouse speakers bringing us the Word of God. Friday, Lady Leah Hill McNair reminded us that God has not forgotten about us! We were reminded, that we are moving into a season where the evidence of our praise and prayer will be visible! In this season we must learn to Praise while we wait! Release the sound, the spirit will fill you and the evidence will show! Lady Leah gave us a reminder that we can’t be balanced without the Holy Spirit. We must call on the Holy Spirit to assist us.

On night two Minister Tabace Burns provided the women with natural and spiritual ways to become balanced. She reminded us, that God decided the roles of man and woman and when we change the orders of the roles there are consequences. Minster Tabace taught us how to destroy the takeover spirit. Here are some of the things Minister Tabace taught us:

B- Be Realistic about what you can do.
A- Acknowledge your limitations.
L- Let others be responsible for their on tasks.
A- Allow adequate time to complete task.
N-Never agree to do what your spirit man says no to.
C- Control you/Do what’s best for you.
E- Evaluate how well you’re balancing.

• Seek the kingdom of God first.
• Prayer
• Be intentional/purposeful
• Repentance
• Intimacy

Women don’t have to be prove their equality. (Gen 1:26-28, Gen 2:7,22, 15,19)
Adam is supposed to tend to it, keep it and guard it.
The woman is the helper, the comforter and advocate.
The man’s power is in his position.
The woman’s power is in her influence.

Ways to destroy the takeover spirit:
• Repent
• Worship
• Prayer
• Praise
• Fire

That’s not even the half of what went down! There was a mighty move of God at Abundant Life Church International! Women were set free of bondage and our minds were renewed to what God wants for us. We learned why being balanced is essential to our everyday lives. If you couldn’t make it, check out our media table and get the CD’s! These are powerful messages you do not want to miss. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the dates for next year! We can’t wait to fellowship with you!

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