The Good Fight of Faith pt 1

Edward Kirkpatrick
March 27, 2019

The Good Fight of Faith pt 1

Faith is the greatest asset to Christian living! The just shall live by Faith!

1 Timothy 6:12
Paul encourages his protege Timothy to fight the good fight of faith. This is the foundation of our call to bring change to the world around us. The word ‘fight’ means to expect resistance as we follow the will of God, but the word ‘good’ means that the end result of our faith is ALWAYS victory!

This series we will explore scripture and spiritual truths to understand the gift of faith, how to use our faith and experience the good that comes with faith. Watch this series as it will revolutionize your life forever.

One thought on “The Good Fight of Faith pt 1

  1. Meriam Mckey says:

    Pastor Ian asking a special prayer for healing from diabetes high blood pressure drugs medications and alcohol use for my family. My took a leap of faith and stop taking her medication but my family opposed it and she ended up in a psych ward. She pleaded with me to try to explain to them what she is going through but I could because I cannot explain to them unless we walk in unity. We are divided and other family members use mom to control others by demanding money from everyone please intercede for us and I know I will make it to your church one of this days because I feel the anointing when I listen to you on Sundays by His stripes we were healed my children will honor Hod in the name of Jesus

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