Debra Foster-Toure

Supernatural debt reduction
Last Monday as I watched the service in Monday night, Pastor Kirkpatrick said someone has a hospital bill Thai is going to be paid. I had surgery last year and have making payments on what my insurance didn't pay. I had over six thousand dollars that I was responsible. I had paid to a little over 5000 that I still owed. When went to pay the payment they said my balance was 1600.00. I called Clear Balance and was told that they had received a check from my insurance (which I no longer have since changing jobs) sent them a check for the balance minus 1600.00. I thank God for your walk with God. This was a blessing! I thoroughly enjoy your ministry. I have been following you and sowing seeds in you ministry for about 5 years now. Your ministry has been a blessing to me spiritually and the phy6 healings that have occurred while praying with you. May God continue to bless you!