Paula Dailey

Being obedient to tithe
About a year ago my husband and I started looking a purchasing the home that we were currently renting. No bank or mortgage would even look at his credit due to his DTI was high( so they said). This caused us to have to continue to rent and still stress how we were going to get a mortgage loan for the house without me being on the mortgage loan. The house was a blessing to us from the very beginning. It is amazing how God orchestrated for us to find the home that we’re renting. Long story short, my husband knows the owner of the home because he was his next store neighbor a while back and due to my husband’s profession, he did work in the home. The owner allowed for us to rent from him with an option to buy. Well, after being turned down so many times we decided that we would wait to the latter part of 2021 to go back through the process. It was one particular sermon where Pastor spoke about tithing and about the church being debt free. It was during this time my husband and I had a conversation about finances and how important it is to tithe and how in order for our house to be blessed I needed to start tithing. Fast forward to June 2021: I made up in my mind that I was going to pay my first check in June. I made sure I paid my tithes first then paid everything else. I have been doing this ever since with no problem and it feels good. Literally the next week my husband received a call from the owner of the house and informed us he had a realtor that could help us. She came to us and spoke to the both of us and told us that my income can be used as well since we are married even though we used only his credit score, which was never told to us before. We even went to the first time buyers class( which we found out after the fact we made too much). The lender did the numbers again and things changed where we didn’t need my information due to the DTI was good and his credit score was good. Praise God we saved the down payment for the house. The process literally took 1 month. Praise God for we closed on 7/30/2021. I said all of that to say be obedient to GoD when it comes to your tithing and time towards him and watch him take care of his children. In the process of all of this I was looking for a new job but no one wanted to give me what I wanted for pay. God stepped in again ,a recruiter called me on 7/16/2021 asking me was I still interested in the position that I applied to 4 months ago. I didn’t have to interview at all. The recruiter informed me it was still available. When he talked about the salary my mouth dropped. I was said only you Lord. I thought I was going to have to go back in the office but God stepped in again. My trainer called me on Friday the same day as our closing date and informed me that the job was remote. I couldn’t contain myself . I had to drop everything and give my God a victory dance. This entire process has not only taught me to be faithful to giving but also to be patient and allow God to have the final say. God blessed us with the house where the mortgage is cheaper than what the rent was, the down payment amount on the closing day dropped where we brought less to closing and today Monday 8/2/2021, I started training for my new position which is back in field that I love. Thank God for teaching me to be obedient. Thank you Pastor God bless and your family God is Good