Renee and Alphonso Ward

Blessings on Blessings!!!
Greetings Pastor, My testimony is proof that God gives seed to the sower! You know my husband was diagnosed with an illness back in August of 2021 and had to come out of work on disability, but I never mentioned that in July of 2021, I lost my job within days of the diagnosis. Fortunately, we had some savings and we continued to tithe, give offerings and even pay towards the campaign every Sunday. We continued to stand on God’s word even though the money was running low, we kept giving. I looked for jobs daily, even had a few interviews but nothing happened and we kept giving anyway. Around April 5th, I received a call for an interview and was offered the job on April 8th – The miracle of it all is we never stopped giving and never got behind on our mortgage or any bills; not only that, I received an email today that my tuition for summer session is paid in full, my husband is expecting some back pay that has finally been approved! God is faithful to do exceedingly, above ALL! Thank you Pastor for you dedication to the body of Christ and your desire to see us prosper! We love you and appreciate you,