Renee Ward

Financial Blessings
So, prior to going to Monday night healing service, I had already prayed about my offering and knew what the Holy Spirit told me to give but when I got to church, I changed it to what I wanted to give (knowing what my current situation is). As Pastor was speaking about giving, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me concerning obedient, so I scratched out the amount I wrote originally on the envelope to what I knew I was supposed to give. Long story short, Tuesday, I received a call regarding a job opportunity, Wednesday was the last day to pay tuition for the new semester of college and again, knowing my current situation, I was afraid to pay but I’m determined to finish this time and I didn’t want to drop my classes. My husband went back and forth with me about possibly not attending school this semester: He could see how disappointed I was and suggested I make a decision one way or the other and let it go. I decided to pay and by this morning, I had a deposit in my bank account for about half of what I paid out, checked the mailbox a few minutes ago and had a check in the mail. I just want to say, “obedience is better than sacrifice”. If you do your part, God will do exceedingly above all you could ask or think. This is only the beginning of what I know God has for me!!! Thank you Pastor for your dedication to the body of Christ.