#GivingTuesday: What does God say about giving?


“Pastor spoke a word to sow out of our need. I sowed a seed in an offering and I went to pay for tuition at school and was told that my debt was paid by a lottery scholarship. Glory to God!”-
Angel N. Baptist, Greensboro NC

Watch a featured video from Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick here

Give Your Time & Talents!
Use your God given gift for His Kingdom advancement.
For the body is not one member but many!
(1 Corinthians 2:14)

Give A Tithe, Offering or One-Time Seed!
Visit www.edwardkirkpatrick.org,
click the “give online” tab and
start your Easytithe account
Text the amount you would like to give to 336-283-8444.
When texting the amount of your donation you MUST designate which fund the donation is for. (For example: $10 tithes)
If it’s your first time, you will be prompted to visit a secure URL to complete your registration. Once complete, your donation will process.


“May 29th I was led by the Holy Spirit to sow a seed. I was traveling from a Georgia show drive and the Holy Spirit said go to church and sow a seed. When I got home the devil said go lay down, you have been on the road all night , go lay down and I said no Devil, I’m going to church. I came to church and at the end of service, I went to sow a seed. The Pastor prayed over my seed and soon as he got done he said, “Just cause you’re sowing a seed, I’m going to sow a seed into your life for $500″ The Pastor didn’t know how much my seed was, but my seed was $50 and the Pastor sowed $500. Because I was obedient and I did what the Holy Spirit led me to do, my seed grew right then and I know it wasn’t nobody but God and I thank God for allowing me to be obedient and know Him. Thank you.

Honestly, I didn’t come with expectation to get anything, I was doing what the Holy Spirit led me to do.”
Latonja Burton , Mcleansville, NC

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