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Facebook is still the #1 social media tool! It is a powerful tool to connect with one’s loved ones, former school friends, and meet new friends. Facebook is a fun, powerful way to connect with one’s followers and create new followers and so this is a great tool for us a believers to use to spread The Word and increase God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Kirkpatrick understands the power of social media and in his mission to teach the Word with simplicity and understanding to the masses, he has realized that Facebook LIVE is a great tool to use!

Join Pastor on Facebook LIVE Thursday Nights @ 9:00pm for #TNT , that’s his Thursday Night Teachings. Teachings are on various topics and you get the opportunity to ask questions directly to Pastor! You can also inbox Pastor on Facebook or email Pastor at [email protected] to send in Facebook LIVE Topics you would like for him to discuss.

Topics will vary from controlling our emotions, to healing, the power to change, to relationships and more! These LIVE Videos will CHANGE your LIFE! Are you ready for a change?

Please visit Pastor Kirkpatrick’s Official Facebook Profile to add him as a friend to see the Facebook LIVE broadcast:

Don’t worry if you can’t make that day or time Thursdays, the videos will be available after the LIVE broadcast for viewing.

Below is Pastor’s latest Facebook LIVE Video entitled “Recovering from emotional wounds part 3”
Pastor says “Anytime you get your focus on the hurts you have experienced you will become depressed and discouraged. Change your focus from your hurts to the Healer”

Here is another series from Pastor Kirkpatrick on the topic “The Power to Change”

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