ALCI Medical Ministry’s Ways to De-Stress during the Pandemic


Spend time reading God’s word, pray, confess the word of God daily, and meditate on scriptures pertaining to your situation

Cannot go to the gym? Exercise at home by walking or running in your neighborhood, parks, or on trails. Yoga anyone? Explore free workout videos online.

Read a great book or start a virtual Book Club

Listen to your favorite genres of music

Rent or stream your favorite TV shows/movies

Stay connected with family, friends, church members, and neighbors via online platforms, drive by visitation, texting, or sending letters and cards.

Cook or bake new or your old favorite recipes. Start a recipe exchange.

Satisfy your creative mind by doing Arts and Crafts

Give yourself a financial tune-up by revising your monthly budget and plan for short and long term goals

Green Thumb? Plant some flowers or a vegetable garden

Identify and donate your time, money, clothes, household goods, and non-perishable food to organizations in the community that are in need of your help

Tackle some small projects around your home that you’ve been putting off (i.e. organize your closets; clean out the garage)

Get the Coronavirus updates, then unplug. It is good to be aware of what’s going on, but focusing on it too much can become overwhelming

Look forward to seeing everyone soon!!

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