What is Blood Pressure?

What is Blood Pressure? When your heart 💗 beats, it pushes blood out to your arteries. Blood pressure is a measurement of the force pushing outwards on your arterial walls.

The pressure measured when the heart contracts and sends blood out of the heart is systolic blood pressure ( the higher number) . The pressure measured when the heart is at rest between beats is called diastolic blood pressure ( the lower number).

During our Blood pressure screening, Medical Ministry suggested that you should take your measurements at the same time each day and use the same arm for consistency.
Sit quietly for 15 minutes before a reading so that you are in a relaxed state. Do not eat or drink beverages with caffeine or alcohol for one hour before a blood pressure measurement. Do not talk or move while your blood pressure is being measured. Do not smoke or exercise for one hour before a blood pressure measurement.

Medical ministry was very eager to serve our congregation with knowledge and service on how important it is to know your numbers.

We had about 28 people who participated in the blood pressure screening and plan on coordinating another screening in the future.

For more information on health or events from the Medical Ministry, please email [email protected].

Yours in service
Sis Michelle Lewis
Medical Ministry Director

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